I admit it. I’m addicted.

Before my days on Facebook I was wondering why I would get regular emails from random people around the globe. They were inviting me to join their WAYN or photo-sharing networks. Most of these requests came from people I had met on a beach in Florida or during some binge drinking in a pub on the Isle of Skye. However, the social communities were as long-lasting as I would remember their names (i.e. close to zero). The only reason I remember WAYN is because I still get messages from Carly, Craig and Paul.

Initially, I was wondering where on earth (quite literally) I had lost so many brain cells as to forget Carly, Craig and Paul. It took me a while and several “forgot username and/or password” requests to realise Carly and Paul are probably not real and Craig is requesting the attention of the owners of another two million email addresses. In any case, to this day I have turned down almost every request through such a network. Even from people I had actually met in person for more than two hours.

Am I completely off the track in saying that Facebook is probably the only social network to actually make sense? Making sense as to be so wide-spread and geographically not limited to one area. Well, having said that, Facebook is competing with a hugely successful StudiVZ on the German market. But why use a German network, if you can use an international?

I’m surprised that in the short-lived era of the internet quite a few people stick to their email addresses. This allows me to find friends on Facebook from my time in Australia 10 years ago. Back then, remember, the internet was for nerds. On the bottom line, these networks not only make it easier to stay in touch, they actually allow you to get back in touch with someone. And they are a great way to waste time sensibly.

Still amazed. Facebooked.