My camera is probably something between my third eye and a replacement for my right arm. If you’d see my attempts in painting, you’d know what I mean. And the eye bit in this analogy depends on the eye of the beholder, but, from my point of view, I have pretty bad eyes, too. Needless to say, I wouldn’t feed my camera any second-best batteries.

As it turns out, the ones I have are so amazingly long-lasting that I have trouble getting them empty. I had been using both sets of four batteries for quite a while and planned to recharge them to the max before the trip. After all, you don’t want to travel with dirty clothes either.

I don’t have any battery checker to see to how much of life they have left. To make matters worse, two batteries out of eight have not been properly charged and I haven’t got a clue which two of the eight. Consequently, for the last two hours, I’ve been trying to suck the last bit of life out of two batteries at a time in my old 3.2m camera.

They just won’t die.