I feel like I’m part of my own version of The Amazing Race. The plan is to get to Hualamphong train station on foot, bypassing another Wat (Buddhist temple) including a Buddha statue of solid gold. I could take a tuk-tuk, which would be less than two euros, but it’s a principle thing.



I think I’m becoming something of an early-bird. It was only six o’clock this morning (mind you I was in bed by 7.30), up on the roof-top restaurant with this very sweet but often grumpy Thai lady serving the most rotten instant coffee. At 30 baht (70 cents) this coffee is a rip-off, but I suppose you pay for the view. (more…)

Okay, so I’m here.

Bangkok can be a bit of a daunting experience. So I’ve read. And so I now experience! The first day out of the hotel (a dump more or less, but the river views from the roof-top restaurant are unmatched, apparently). I know that you should follow your mother’s advice: don’t talk to strangers! And if you do, it’s usually the beginning of a scam. Cos in a city that seems strangely self-absorbed, the friendliness comes from a certain interest in the Westerner’s wallet. (more…)