I have not abandoned the blog. I’ve just taken holidays to the extreme. Besides, internet was relatively expensive in the islands, and who or what could possibly compete with my own little island paradise?

The plane safely brought me back to Hamburg this afternoon (mind you, it took me no less than eight take-offs to get over my anxiety after my excessive fascination with plane crash documentaries last autumn…). The pilot’s little innocent comment made me quite happy about coming home: “The weather in Hamburg is moderate, and there has been no forecast of rain for the last three hours.” Whether or not that was meant to be funny, I couldn’t resist a giggle.



One of the main reasons to actually stay in Sukhothai beyond a day’s visit to its historical park was the raving review in the Lonely Planet about a hostel in town. Said to be the ultra-friendly place to stay (more…)

So far I’ve only succumbed to Western food once, eating out in street vendors and generally trying out more of that lovely Thai cuisine. It’s really easy; that is, if you’re are not too fuzzed about your diet.


Yep, I have been assaulted! Two very cheeky wild monkeys thought of having some serious fun ambushing a naiv Westerner! What a team effort it was indeed.

One of them caught my attention. (more…)

Apparently text messages sent to my German phone do not get through, so in case you have tried to tell me the latest goss, I miss out!

My messages to Europe come through though. I found out when mum called yesterday to say that she got mine and to see if I’m ok. Good one mum, it’ll cost me a fortune.

Anyway, it’s such a great feeling of freedom to leave the phone behind (at the hostel). It means I’m without a watch as well, but in a country where time is absolutely relative, this is a great way to get away from it!

If you think I must have too much time wasting so much on the internet… Well, after early morning starts I’m usually quite tired after hours walking, hiking and sightseeing. Also, to avoid the high mid-day temperatures, I’m quite happy to stay inside for a little – complete with super size fans and ice-cold water melon shakes. Inside, that is underneath palm trees and bamboo hut roofs, more or less under the open sky.

So, a couple of hours out of the most boiling temperatures isn’t the worst thing to do. After it cooled down today, I jumped on a little tuk-tuk to go on a hostel organized tour around town, watching sunset over the river, followed by some sightseeing at illuminated Wats.

Oh yes, this is more fun than writing postcards.

According to travel books and the likes this is the best time to travel to Thailand. Temperatures are comparatively low, and rainfalls are scarce. But forget the Lonely Planet. Forget what they say about pre-booking and planning ahead to avoid disappointment.

The best time to travel to Thailand is (more…)

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