I have not abandoned the blog. I’ve just taken holidays to the extreme. Besides, internet was relatively expensive in the islands, and who or what could possibly compete with my own little island paradise?

The plane safely brought me back to Hamburg this afternoon (mind you, it took me no less than eight take-offs to get over my anxiety after my excessive fascination with plane crash documentaries last autumn…). The pilot’s little innocent comment made me quite happy about coming home: “The weather in Hamburg is moderate, and there has been no forecast of rain for the last three hours.” Whether or not that was meant to be funny, I couldn’t resist a giggle.

So, in the last four weeks I have covered more than 470kms by train, 1,580 kms by bus, 270 kms by boat and – admittedly – 1,530 km by air. In other words, I’ve crossed Thailand twice, more or less.

I’ve taken well over 3,000 pictures, put on about six kilos (in luggage weight, stupid) and brought home a proper flu that was no joke during take-off and landing. My seat neighbours saw me crying like waterfalls, seriously. Even now, ten hours on, I’m still deaf on my left ear. I feel fairly crook, strangely misplaced and only physically present.

This trip will probably take weeks to digest. I will spend hours going through pictures and deciding which ones I want to keep, and which ones are worth investing some time on digital remastering. Most importantly, however, I will have to come to terms with the mass of impressions, sensations and experiences during the last month. I’m still sort of overwhelmed by what has happened. Weirdly enough so, it feels a lot more overpowering (and quite unreal!) now that I’m back than when I was there.

So, in the weeks to come, I will catch up on the diary entries that I have somewhat neglected in the last couple of weeks. I will also add more information and stories as they spring to mind, so to all the quiz people out there, do your revision, you have been warned!

For the moment, I should put my jet-lagged body to rest, finally.

The trip might have come to an end, the journey is far from over.