(Okay, you have either heard of this spot watching The Beach or Tsunami vids on youtube, but that’s where I’ve ended up.)

Compared to Railay this place almost feels incredibly cheap. Internet, on the other hand, is very pricey, so I’ll keep this one short (ish).

Apparently, Ko Phi Phi is what the Costa Brava is in Europe, and countless beach bars line the white sandy stretches (and yes, crystal clear emerald waters even when the clouds are out…). European’s middle class kids are out here on their first vacation without their parents, so it does occasionally get seriously trashy (I’m not going to Ko Pangnan (or whatever it’s called) for the full moon, so this is probably the most bogan sort of thing I’ll encounter.

I’ve found a seriously cheap place. That’s about it. It’s the most rotten dive on the planet, but it’s only a third of what I coughed up in Railay, but I’m not planning to spend my precious paradise time inside a shabby room, so I’ll be sweet. In a location where the normal resort rates start at double my daily allowance, I guess I was fairly lucky to find somewhere affordable to lay my head.

In Railay, I went for a snorkelling trip to greet nemo and his mates (I was one of the lucky ones to actually see Nemo), for a sunset (you could imagine it must be beautiful if it hadn’t been for the clouds), and a night swim admidst phosphoric plancton – that certainly was a 850 Baht moment!

Weather is a different matter altogether. It’s fairly cloudy, hot, with the odd three second drizzle. Disappointment with Suz, no tropical rain shower yet! Apparently the wet season is kicking in about two months earlier than usual (of course this must have happened when I’m visiting), and the start of the monsoon season means overcast days and three drops of rain a day.

It’s off to the Tsumani village tomorrow. Gotta do some history in the South!