My arm is still sore from Thursday’s vaccination marathon.

I went to see a medical advisor in tropical medicine. As you’d expect, it wasn’t any vaccination I would need especially for the trip, but rather I had long run out of any protection that you’d normally have in Western Europe. Hell.

The doc went through my yellow vaccination booklet and frowned. It meant boosters on all common forms of protection. That was THREE fucking needles. I hate needles. Luckily, I am still protected against Hepatitis. A booster on that would have had not only my blood pressure rising, but also the financial burden.

Due to a current medical condition I am not allowed anti-malarial drugs as a preventive measure. This will therefore limit my options of travelling within Thailand. I suppose I’ll find alternatives and the low(er)-risk areas in Thailand are plenty and beautiful.

At least I’m fit to travel. Medically approved.